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Now this one is specially dedicated to all people living in poverty.
And directed at all those people in high society.
'Cause when it comes to feeling pressure.
None of them don't feel it like we.

Now dem no know 'bout pressure.
In high society.
Dem no know 'bout pressure.
Dem no feel it like we.

Well now is I man Pato Banton.
And I man Daddy Tippa.
We a chat pon microphone.
Well as two blood brother.
'Cause we born in a the ghetto.
As two sufferer.
With we mother and we father.
We sister and brother.
Well I live in Birmingham.
And I'm a Londoner.
But is how we get together.
Some of them a wonder.
By coach by train.
Or even by car.
Rich man a catch plane.
And them taking helicopter.

Well this lyric ain't no joke.
And it's not funny.
'Cause what we're gonna chat.
Well is reality.
'Cause a whole heap of people.
Dem inna poverty.
And a whole lot of families.
Dem inna agony.
Inna Ethiopia.
Well dem a dead fe hungry.
And inna South Africa.
Dem a fight to be free!
Free like the birds.
Up inna the tree.
And free like the fishes.
Down inna the sea.
We are British citizens.
But this is not our country.
'Cause we're a part of the ethnic minority.
Now we're gonna send this lyric to the Iron Lady.
And the whole of the conservative party.

About 4 million unemployed in our country.
Man a get redundant through machinery.
Now living in the ghettos it don't easy.
We have to try a little hustling to make some money.
That's why we don't blame a man fe sell sensi.
And we can see why certain man dem a commit robbery.
'Cause the dole and (social) security just don't ready.
That's why we feel it for the old and we feel it for the young.
And we feel it for each and every family.
Because dem nar spend no money on the community.
Dem just a spend dem money on nuclear energy.
From my point of view they must be getting ready.
Getting ready for what?
World War Three.
The rich will be safe and also Maggie.
The Queen and the whole of de Royal Family.
Dem a go catch a space ship and leave de country.
Dem a go live on the moon and have space babies.
But what about Pato and Tippa Irie.
And the other 60 million people in the country.
Dem no know 'bout pressure.

Autor(es): A. Henry / G. T. Haynes / J. Wisniewski / P. Murray

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