Alina Simone

Prettier in the Dark

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There was a meaning to the messages tonight
I like to fill the room up with voices
grabbed my keys,
remembered to turn all the lights off
went to meet Chaney by the bodega

She's my favorite because she came up with the rule
that when you fall in love with two people
choose whoever you knew first
because history is important, a simple rule but true.
It's simple but it's true.

So take a slow slow dive from this city in the sky
and make a holiday out of Wednesday.
Like it while like it while all my friends are here.
Everyone's prettier in the dark.
Where your reinstones are real as diamonds
and your plastic solid as gold in chandelier eyes,
chandelier eyes...

Why does our little group of overachievers
take so long to fall, to fall,
to fall... in love.

Autor(es): Alina Simone