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I promised on a star
While Looking at the southern sky
I thought of you, of you and I

Whatever come what may
I'll always wear a smile
Oure love goes on forever

I think of you
As a special part of my life

My heart cries out
To the stars and the moon

To brin your sweet love back to me

Because I was born to love you

I want to share my life with you, ooh

I tell you this right now
It feels so good to love you like I do

And I pray to love you more

And now I have learned
It's the glow of your smile that remindes me

That I trust you and pray you trust me, too

Give happiness a chance
You and I can share a love of loves
That wiil last eternally

You have taught me how to love

To share freedom and solitude

But above all you keep me warm

When I tremble in the night

You took me into your arms

And embraced me
Like you have never done before, ooh

I tell you this right now
If feels so good to love you like I do

And I pray to love you more every day

There were moments I confess

I believe
I could fly away

Across the sky just I like a bird

If I had wings to fly
I'd fly directly to your heart

And I would ask you to follow, follow me, me yeah, ooh

Promise on a star
While looking at the southern sky

Do it for you, for you and I

I tell you this right now
I show tears instead of a smile

All love is fair, (our love is fair,)
our love is here (And It's here to stay)

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