Abstract Spirit

Prism Of Muteness

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Dragging through a day
That will never come true
Learning dogms (sic) of the Universe
And delirious psalms for lunatics

To wander along the way
In reeking waste knee-high
Looking around the world
That has no got any reasons to exist

Why do I remember the names
Meaning nothing to me?
Everything remains the same
Except accreasant (sic) drifts of dust

Through the prism of muteness
Moments move backwards in time
Through the prism of muteness
I become just a shadow of mine
Through the prism of muteness
I have seen the world perish
All around me have vanished
Dissolved in the mist of oblivion

Once I have trampled my pride down without looking back
Feeling sorry for those days burnt in my memory
Taking forlorness (sic) as a gift and salvation

To sew up my mouth
Not to utter a scream
Through my falling into
The bleak roaring abyss