Prisoner In Mind

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Information that unw nds
take control of your blinded mind
hypnotised & mesmerised
leave the world behind

Your life is banned by the screen
demanded by the machine
unaware of it's might
visual animation:
a surrogate delight

insane, in vain
flipping like a pin-ball
in a crazy game
so blind, no mind
stepping out of line

The dreams you left a one
have long ago turned to stone
'coz the idol you adore
has no flesh nor bone

Beware you prisoner in mind
Your ruler Creeps from behind
and you won't notice at all
his slow manipulation
at last'll make you fall

Insane, in vain
flipping like a pin ball
In a crazy game
so blind, no mind
tripping in the shadows
stepping out of line

Autor(es): Frank Bornemann / Michael Gerlach