Kelly Joe Phelps

Prodigal Son (Traditional inspired by Dock Boggs)

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When I left my father's house,
I was well-supplied;
I made a mistake and I did wrong
And I'm dis-satisfied.

Chorus :
I believe I'll go back home
I believe I'll go back home
I believe I'll go back home
And acknowledge I've done wrong.

I'll go back to my father's house,
I'll fall down on my face.
Say that I'm unworthy,
I'll seek a servant's place.

I'll go back to my father's house,
The place I love so dear,
For there they have plenty to eat
And I'm a-starving here.


Father seen him coming,
He met him with a smile,
Threw his arms around him
Says "This is my wandering child."

Father said to his servants,
"Go kill a fatted calf,
Invite both friends and relatives,
My son's come home at last."


Banquet's in procession;
All sorrow has passed.
Father's heart was filled with joy,
His son come home at last.

The elder son was jealous,
I believe I heard him say,
"Gave my brother his portion,
I never went away."


Father said to his elder son,
"You've been both good and kind,
Not a calf I'll give unto thee,
But all I have is thine."


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