Dilated Peoples

Proper Propaganda

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We're coming to you live from the Scottish Right Temple
Near the intersection of Crenshaw and Wiltshire
Where, as you can see in the background
Military personnel are mobilized and waiting orders

Despite the quiet and the deceptive calm, tension is still
thick in the air after last night's concert and rebellion
The incident was allegedly sparked by police officers trying
To shut down a reportedly peaceful concert by hip hop artists

Dilated People's
We'll keep you updated with any new developments. For Triclops
Media Watch, this is Harry Allen, hip hop activist and media assassin
And now, Proper Propaganda..

[Begin Song]
Watch it. Yes. [Indistinct shout-outs]

Hey yo we handle it, these brothers are fabulous
Dilated showing you what rhyme travel is
Words spitoon from sunlight to moon
Bustin' on stage like gunfight saloons

Click clack, my mic back, you like that?
Journalists? We're journalists too, we could strike back
Hardcore reporters with orders from headquarters
Behind enemy lines, sidestepping the borders

With press passes, we bring it to you as it happens
The streets love my crew for music and rappin
Street commander slash beat expander
Here to fight the slander with the proper propaganda

What's happenin'? You got a question? Then ask it
The news is just a TV show, get past it
And this, from a quiet wartime journalist
Headlines, wake up, refuse and resist

Resist, like this, like this, like
Like thi-thi-thi-thi-thi-thi-thi-this, why'all

We kick finance action, and scores of sports
Politics, new fashion and war reports
Entertainment, when we come to perform watch
And the illest weatherman in the biz, I'm storm watch
Triclops Media, record, tape and TV, Net radio, CD or DVD
Iriscience (write rhymes on paper time)
This is why Baboo is scratching and keeping time
[Scratching] I make the people listen boogy down and move

Glory, The pen is mighter than the sword
'Cause the pen gives the word sending swords to war
They twisted it when they quoted Mao Tse-tung
They said political power comes from the barrel of a gun

The officer meets his fate, by .44 .38
It was a dirty deed, but that don't mean a dirty case
Witnesses against the state are shushed
Facts overlooked so the judge can throw the book

Perhaps for politicians with something to prove
In the city where they blew the roof off and move
Yo, questions when answered leads to more questions
Why'd it take months to remember a confession?

The principles are the same even without the name
But I still say M-you-M-I-A
I have to fight, it could easily be me
But just being the thinker than speakin it freely

Although I use my brain before using a fist
Don't push it, wake up, refuse and resist



Autor(es): C.J. Johnson / Dilated Peoples / J. Brown / R. Taylor

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