O. Children

PT Cruiser

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Heading to the city tonight, it’s a trip,
so we’ll be leaving a quarter to five.
Say I said we’re gonna make it alright,
and it’s cool, ‘cause I’ll be bringing my 45.
Now I know it’s gonna take so long,
these strikers will be telling my pounting drive,
Little Johnny, won’t you come along?
You can tell my PT Cruiser is bright, my PT Cruiser is white.

Battles on the side of my head, yes,
it seems to bring the feeling, yes, is so divine.
Breaking, damn, my PT Cruiser is height and
I know that I can head it for four to five
Back until it was on the news, I don’t know what people
what figuring it was so left out.
I don’t care about your point of view,
I can’t do what you want me to
My PT Cruiser is white.

My PT Cruiser is white
Don’t you know, I can travel anywhere, my PT Cruiser is white
Don’t you know, I am master of my vehicle?
My PT Cruiser is white.