Bob Schneider

Puddin & Cheese

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I was free form finger fucking Frieda
Late one fiery Friday night
My hands were getting lazy
But I was driving Frieda crazy
So I free form fucked her till the morning light

I was basically bombing Betty's butthole
In the backseat of her daddy's big black Benz
I was huffin and a moanin
She was snortin and a groanin
And I fucked that freaked out freshmen to a frenz

I was eating Edna's extra enchiladas
Easily the best I've ever had
They were creamy and delicious
And I would've licked her dishes
But we were rudely interrupted by her dad

I like pudding I like cheese
I like your momma on her knees
I like cake and candycorn
Your daddy watches kiddieporn
I like pudding I like cheese
I say welcome thanks and please
I like springtime I like fall
I like coming when you call

I was lickin linda's lovely little lemons
While we were lollygagging lying by the lake
I told her they were zesty
And she got a little testy
So she whipped me up a see ya later shake

I was sixtynining sexy Sarah Sandler
When she went ahead and broke her magic spell
I was out in outer space
When she farted in my face
And my god I thought and died and gone to hell

I was teething Traci's tiny suntanned titties
While she was doing something crazy with my nuts
I said baby where're you going
She said boy you'll soon be knowing
Then she plunked her pudgy pinky in my butt

I like ice cold lemonade
I like coke and gatorade
I like frying in the sun
I like having too much fun
I like having sex with mom
Because that woman's quite the bomb
I like playing with my balls
But I like coming when you call

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