Pulse of a Decimal

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Absolute is obsolete,
By desire for your defeat.
To see the world in black and white
Is nothing more than suicide.

Nature or nurture, the future is never forever.
A secret assessment confesses that we can do better.
But hopelessness hasn't had any reason to panic.
Since it enlisted assistance from every manic
Cynical sentence addressed to men who can manage
The meaning, but maybe the meaning needs to be damaged.
The meaning, but maybe the meaning needs to be damaged.

You were strong in the eyes of the blind
But weak to those who can see.
They come at you like a pack of rabid animals,

But you keep your cool with the pulse of a decimal.
You're quick to unhinge the heart from cynical heads.
A carbon-dated trick for a prehistoric death.

Oh, it's alright.
It's alright.

Tell your mother and your father
What we've created is..

A place to run for cover.
A place unlike no other;
A place to be a witness to the guilty of forgiveness.
A place to let your doubts roam free and run about.
A place where we can hide until it's safe to die.
A place of false pretense and wicked consequence.
A place where we can suffer and kill and maim each
Maim each other.

Autor(es): Joe Haege