The Stranglers

Punch And Judy

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Punch remembers where he has been
Judy knows he's being fair
Punch has always hugged her tightly
Judy's waited on his touch
Punch has dreamed about her every night
And Judy's never had that much
Punch always had a sense of humour
And Judy must've realised that
He always cut a famous figure
With his truncheon and his hat
Judy's always been his bright flag
Shows the audience a smile
Cos she knows when they've all gone home
She can lick him clean in style
See such soul and beauty
In Punch And Judy
Punch has played the famous villian
Wants to rest his aching feet
Judy says she's more than willing
Wants to lay back in the heat
There's a few more shows to pack in
Cos his loyalty is strong
The way he's hitting on her tonight
She won't have to wait that long
See such soul and beauty
In Punch And Judy

Autor(es): Andy Partridge / Dave Greenfield / Hugh Cornwell / Jean Jacques / Jet Black

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