Danger: Radio

Punch Your Lights Out

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I see a frightened little girl
too scared of having another man run out on her
she is calling, i think this time he
might pick up his phone, but no.

I see a cocky little bitch who'd rather be
Reeling with compromising on false hope,
He's giving but only when it benefits himself.

Jodie, Jodie; let the time just pass by,
You know he's coming back don't let yourself cry.
Come on, come on now, keep it calm and sweet Jodie
Cause you know he's coming back and you will see,
Cause he's living a lie, living a lie, and he'll find out for
himself exactly what it's like to lose and die, baby.

i see the tips of her hands,
so frail and calm now.
Gasping for air
as he tells you he cares,
as he waits for a good time to say..
it cuts so deep..
this time he stood there
and watched her bleed
only to find out
she had been waiting
for her time to speak,
to tell him she's only human,
she just wants someone to love.


just wait until the timing is completely right, just wait until....
tryin to just live your life..
striving to fit all the needs
of the arrogant theif,

you gotta dig deep, before you get to the center,
you gotta hold tight before this world becomes dimmer,
you gotta keep strong baby just take it from me,
because when he comes around again it'll be to hurt you,
trust me.


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