Heavy Trash

Punk Rock Mama

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Well, she's my cutie
My sweet little beauty
My black leather hottie miss
A punk rock mama, my sweet rock 'n' roller
I'm gonna give her just a little kiss

She's my queen of darkness, my [unknown] and delicious
Wanna take her again and again
I Bump my head, obliterate myself
Rock 'n' roll til my eyes grow dim

I'm in love, baby
I'm feeling so bold
Let's go to the back of the world, you know
'Cos the world is so cold


A punk rock mama
My sweet little demon
Pass the bottle and let me hide
A down-home baby
Swing that ass so crazy
Chop the tree and bleed the family dry


I don't care, no way!
About so-ce-i-ty
And medical shows with doctors and machines, court room dramas, forensic detectives
Man, that don't mean nothing to me
She's my cutie, my sweet little beauty
Wanna take it to the living end

A punk rock mama is all I ever wanted
Why, a girl with a devilsh grin
Well, alright