Akino Arai

Pure Emotions

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Like suddenly noticing the sound of birds for the first time
Upon awakening in the morning
I finally noticed how cold this cheek was
Upon being gently touched
I don't know anything yet
What the heart is seeking
I don't know
I was looking at nothing but the sky
Since sometime, like this
Sending my thoughts flying to right below those clouds
Like living the continuation of a dream
I am unreliable, but love me nonetheless
What colour are the tears in the fountain of the heart
What colour is sorrow...
The morning light now enveloped the solitude
The moment you opened your eyes and smiled
I was looking at nothing but the sky
From the window, at the far distance
Take me to right below those clouds
In both hands the overflowing
Pure emotions
I want to dedicate them to you
Gently be touching
Gently this cheek
Gently gently