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When they try to take whats yours,
when they try to take whats mine
When they try to take your love,
when push comes to shove PUSH BACK!

How attached to that in which you hold in your hand
And if gone the next day where would you stand
And if stolen would you fight for property lost, and if it be pride ask this
At what cost are all things of value worth the price of soul
And if possession is the law then who has control
Life gone all to the man made, pending question what price was paid

Matters of heart are not left unseen,
classified put aside, what does this mean
We've based value on simple emotion,
where does that find place without honest notion
To provide a vent of ill-gotten feeling,
that a person could be revealing
The very treasure that you hold most dear,
lost the calloused minds of the insincere

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