Put Pain To Paper

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I love you but I don't think I deserve you
You're so pale and perfect I'm a jealous fool

I worship at the ground beneath your footsteps
Your breath upon my rough neck
Your smile at my new tune

I like it when we're on our own, when we're on our own
I'm myself when we're all alone, when we're all

Floating from nine up onto cloud ten
Then fall back down to earth again, emptiness ensues
Don't regret these feelings that we forget
Suitable and separate in touch and in truth

You let me kiss you when we're on our own, when we're on our own
You let me love you when we're all alone, when we're all

Will the first time be the last time?
If so I'm over and alone
I'll be waiting for our reincarnation
For into my love you to fall

Consider these feelings as a trigger
We are pioneers of innocence
Treasure this morning view

I wonder where you are now
I wonder what you are doing
And if you think of me

Don't stop keep pretending that we're all alone
And you shiver good fortune
Every time you call my heart
Put a secret spell on me
From then you own me
And then you fall away
And I say don't stop cause I'm coming for you baby

Autor(es): Steven Battelle

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