Ancient Necropsy

Putrid Aromatherapy (Traumatic Feelings of the Widow Queen)

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Hello doctor can you help me I Have derangements in my mind. Confusing my feelings and my beliefs. I can't stand this suffering please help me now or kill me now. Don't worry baby sure I can help you, please come in and lay down on my desk, now close your eyes and relax, enjoy the delicious putrid smells. First smell the old semen from my cock and drink it... Now smell my deep and dirty asshole for five minutes, sure... You will feel so good, later, smell my rotten rat pets for six minutes, meanwhile I will put my dick in your pussy ok... Oh I'm sorry baby... This is part of the therapy. Ok girl now drink my semen to finish my session, and later drink this toilet water 3 times per day for 2 weeks, well... how are you feeling
Oh doctor I feel so good, I will recommend you to my friends.
Sure baby. Take my business card, and come back every 8 days please.

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