Puttin It In Yo Face

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(feat. Jimmy D, Shot G, 2)

Shot G, what's up Jimmy D baby
In here, with them S.L.A.B. soldiers
It's the L-A double, it go down
Say Trae, sing that shit

Slow Loud Bangin, your block
With a super fly hoe, sideways in a drop
Constantly, we gotta put it in your face
Trying to shine full time, so we on a paper chase
Slow Loud Bangin, your block
With a super fly hoe, sideways in a drop
Constantly, we gotta put it in your face
We gotta put it, in your face baby

[Jimmy D:]
I keep the coupe sticky, and the motherfucking roof nifty
Open my do', look like Jiffy
Got all my playa partnas with me, bout to hit 6-10 and do a buck fifty
I ain't tripping, got the fo' pound thrust with me
Not thinking bout no jackers, not thinking bout no crackers
You run up I clap ya, your story ends sad ever after
And I'm still, rocking the ice tipping the deuce
Popping the roof, squat in the coupe
And I'm still loading the gats, busting the caps
Busting these cats, who don't think I work hard for that
He just hating, won't give me a card for that
I do a show, I get award for that
Thank God for that, wrecking on a Slow Loud
Trae burn me up a copy, I'ma turn it so loud
Pass by the hoes, got em screaming whoa now
Just ran through this bitch, you know she a hoe now
Thinking I'm her man, lil' mama slow down
Hit blue, while she talking I ain't hearing no sound

[Lil' B:]
Putting it all in your face, one two three times
If you wanna be my opponent, then I'ma knock ya down
With a left a right, I'm thoed and out of sight
Sipping syrup and Sprite, it's going down tonight
Got my 3-80 lady, if a nigga be acting shady
Pull his card baby, then I'm dropping him off in Cady
Niggaz acting crazy, but I'ma stay on my note
No need, for me to hide behind tint and cheap smoke
Pull out the garage, and swang hard
It's Lil' B, coming down the Boulevard
Putting it all in your face, just a skee taste
In love with superstars, with a itty-bitty waist
I'ma do it like Mase, and blind your eye
Everytime I step out, I'm known to get fly
Like my kon folk Trae, ball and parlay
Whether sunny or grey, we still tipping Fewquay


Drop it in a six do', pearl L-dog
With the Shot, B, and Jimbo and the Catalog
Keeping the trunk knocking, broads bopping haters be jocking
Like I'm short stopping, I think it's cause my top dropping
On a Southside, block mayn
Lane to lane we off the chain, and I love it mayn
I lost my nigga, B-I-G M-E double L-O
Keeping a deuce out the roof, tipping on 84's
With Big B double E, can you see me
We T-I-N-T-E-D, with Lil' H-E-A-D
4'3 with the Ness, that's stanging like wasps
You try to collide with us, your body fin to wind up tossed
That's with or without a, we click though we could shot-a
Flipping up to Nevada, with a yellow bitch renada
I'm slow loud and we banging, block to block when I'm hanging
If I put it be aiming, till your body be stinking

[Shot G:]
Sitting sideways, fo' deep
It's that nigga, Shot G
I'm straight, from the streets
Catch me in the hood, standing on the block with my heat
I got a mouth, full of rocks
In my garage got a drop, in Clear Lake I got a yacht
When I hit the club, hoes bop
With the S.L.A.B. in the lab, it can't stop


The Dirty South is the home, where the candy cars roam
From the Clarke to the stone, boy we balling on chrome
It's 3rd Coast Houston Texas, and we thugs that live reckless
Plus we young and we restless, so you better respect us
I keep a glock by my side, cause these niggaz like checkers
Try and jump when they can, but they bet not test us
Lil' 2 motherfuckers, and we flossing and flipping
Flipping and flossing, tossing them big body bosses
Getting lost in the wind, but we ball anyway
And if you try to stop my pay, then you can call it a day
AK's will spray, and tech nines we bust
Chop the blocks with our blades, and leave you hoes in the dust

[Dougie D:]
What is the dealy, cousin
Dougie be blazing tweedle-dee dumb, and sipping something
Do what we do on the grind constantly, and keep it crunking
With all the hoods state to state, driving while we getting drunk'n
Bitches be bopping, ready to come off they panties for us
Ride for us get down for us, we S.L.A.B. niggaz bitch in the do' and you can't hold us
See them bubble eyed, candy dripping all on the scene
We crawling down in a line, and looking fresh and so clean
Now tell me what it do, bone hard like a metal it means we banging Screw
Dougie D gon give it to you hoes, the way Dougie do
Better believe it, I'm gon represent until I'm through
Forever the S.L.A.B., is gonna continue mashing through


Autor(es): Bangin / S.L.A.B. Slow Loud

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