Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External Worlds)

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That which is my cosmos is what I've starved for oh so long
My inner passion and bitter demise...
Those shores I dream of, to capture time in a dance
To encircle myself in a myriad of raining worlds...

Search your light in my darkness, for my darkness is your light
And that which is opposite, is opposite to itself...
Conceive your visionary evil, and I will grant you the good
Which one is ours among these plains surrounding us?

Create your dimension and name yourself explorer
You are not and will never be, my depraved child of sin
We'd never know anything in this funerary spring
And so sad to say, we'd never know what does it have to mean...

So let us reign over the higher art and supreme beings
Me, myself, and you, my inner solitary guard...
With mind I brought clear forth your sight,
We'd start our quest in these marble bloodred halls...

Internal and external, what kind of reality will we see?
What kind of existence will we fantasize for us this time?
Our sweetly blackened paragon slides into firstborn chaos
This is the end of a beginning - and the beginning for an end
Pitifully we've come to know what the knowledge is
So blow down the candle and now just disappear...

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