Quagmire Of Flesh

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Disemboweled, disarticulated, and disassembled
A feotid jumble of disorganized entrails
The obscure carnal junk heap
A hodge podge of macerated human meat
The remains of the violently expired
A sanguineous quagmire
The remains so perplexingly enmeshed
Into this corrupted quagmire of flesh

Dismantled thoracic contents
Splattered with reckless abandon
Cadavers noisome and rotten
Haphazardly heaped at random

Autodigestion renders cadavers indistinguishable
Acrid putrefaction, the odor totally unbearable
The discarded intestines intertwined
An intermingling to boggle the mind

Of the morbidly inclined

Mixture of fluids and chemicals
An indecipherable concoction
Intolerably molodorous and caustic
This potion of unnatural composition

Cadaveric mish-mosh
A rotten sickening goulash
Unknowable human mess
A corrupted quagmire of flesh

Which is which I couldn't hope to guess

Unidentifiable mutilation
Unintelligible detructation
Incongruous mortal carnage
Putrefacted heap of garbage

Autor(es): Exhumed