Marc Anthony

I swear

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I have never seen an angel standing oh so close to me
I have never touched someone and felt such electricity
I am taken over by the endless possibilities
And I’m waiting for the day you say that you belong to me
I swear
No one will ever love you better
I swear
We could be so good together
I never wanted anyone the way I want you (baby)
I never met someone who gives me everything you do
I swear
If I’m with you there’s no other
I swear
There will never be another
Cause of you there are more reasons to be thankful everyday
Cause of you I am reminded of the chances I should take
It’s the comfort of your warm embrace that shelters all the rain
And there’s nothing that I wouldn’t give for you to feel the same
I swear
No one will every love you better
I swear
We could be so good together
Somewhere somehow you appeared
And everything’s so different now
When you’re around
The promise of all we could be
Is what keeps me going now
I’m never down.