Marc Anthony

I wanna be free

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All my life I’ve followed signs
On many a road
Tried to find
What was right
And do what I’m told
But sometimes
You cross the line
And never can go back home
I’ve been here
And I’ve been there
Always on the go
Looking for
Something more
To call my own
Up to now I have found
That life as a whole was cold
’Cause I’ve never belonged
I wanna be free
And live without warning
I wanna finally see
What it’s life on the other side
I wanna be free
’Cause a new day is dawning
I wanna be me
I wanna show the world I’m alive
Who’s to say
I need change
And I am not what I’m not
Look at me
And what you see
Has been through a lot
Now it’s time
For me to find
What love’s really all about
And all that
I’ve lived without.