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Torture: Subconscious and domestic
How it feels to ship a unit?
Home to you in plastic
Cold storage and a casket
Open your present and inside
You find your darling pride and joy
Question your leaders
And their methods

What we call freedoms
Have all boiled down to bribery
Our list of choices exists
So we think we have some to make
But if you try you will discover
The subtle difference between the complacent
Free and the ones that makes the waves

Why must we die when bureaucrats tell us to?
Why must we sacrifice ourselves for the disbelief of others? Why must we be thrown away?
Why must we die under false pretense?

Torrential downpour of bodies bagged
And toe-tagged with names and ranks
Or destinations but the only information
Of any importance is the number they're assigned

What it is to be a statistic blows my mind
Why has our sense of humanity gone awry?
Pseudo-villains, planted for propaganda
Remind us who we can trust
Who we can put our faith in
No one. Boasts of accomplishments
Falling on dead ears
A severe affliction of blind
Faith following the blind

Why must we die?
Why must we die?
Why must we die?
Why must we die?

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