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I stare, I tear, I creep, sleep
I taste your breath, your lips sweet
I will be there to feel.

Tripping, falling, sailing by
Beyond the wind in the sky
I will be there to free your mind.

It's you I see in slumber
It's you I see in sleep
It's you I see in my dreams
It's you, it's you, it's me.
It's you.

Rolling on the ground with
Sailing on the sea
Tripping in the grass
Oh, to do with you
Oh well, oh well, nevermind
I wouldn't have care.

Dazing, glazing, amazing
Frozen moments
Crazy thing

Another moment to,
Know that you never
Get out of my way
I'm coming through

Wheels splayed out looking for,
Someting new,
I'm crazy guy with the missing hue.

Autor(es): Alpha / Andy Jenks / Corin Dingley