Race Traitor

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You support the minorities
You say they do no harm
But try telling that to the residents
Of Broadwater Farm
You say they're down-trodden
And no one understands
But they're infecting our people
And they're destroying our land

You're a Race Race Race Traitor
Your time will come sooner or later
You're a Race Race Race Traitor
A Race Traitor

Mixing at college
Neglecting all morality
Inflicting self-guilt,
Ashamed of your own nationality
You're going out with a nigger
He's an ignorant thug
He treats you like dirt,
And fills you full of drugs

Now your pram pushing
You've got a black baby
You act like a tramp and not like a lady
You're the lowest of the low
A total disgrace
Drug infested creature
You're a traitor to your Race