Radio Game

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This is the story of the way
We tried to get our songs played on the radio
The album was made and plans were laid
To do whatever we could to get a hit song on the radio

So we borrowed a van and drove around
To stations that liked our sound
And invited us to come by sometime and play
We were taking calls and signing walls
Singing songs and shaking hands
Everybody seemed so glad we came
To the Radio Game

There we were in the stores and magazines
Just like a real band, it kinda felt like a miracle
We were playing the music that we loved
As we drove across the United States of America

Then we did a great show at a convention in Boulder
But no one saw us play
Though we had smiled and remembered all their names
‘Cause the hot new band was playing next door
(Who, by the way, is not together anymore)
Those flavors of the month, they all taste the same
In the Radio Game
We’re just trying to play the Radio Game

Sometimes we thought we gained some ground
‘Cause they played our song as we rolled into town on
the interstate
But then we started to see, time and again
Though we knocked ‘em dead
The DJ walked us to our van so he could say
“You know, I’d love to play your songs all day
But a guy who lives eight states away
Tells me who to drop and who to play
You’re one of the best I’ve ever heard
My wife and kids know every word
I’m sorry, it’s just the way things are today
In the Radio Game”
We’re just trying to play the Radio Game

So folks when all is said and done
It can be kind of a drag, but it’s pretty damn fun while you’re doing it
We didn’t make a lot of money but we made a lot of friends
And I know we’re gonna do it all again, ‘cause we’re not through with it
So we’ll write more songs and sign more deals
Pack our bags and spin our wheels
Check out early and get in late
Arrive at five to go on the air at eight
An Iowa mall or a peanut fair
Four part vocals with one mic to share
Non-smoking rooms that smell like smoke
We’re not quite rock and we’re not quite folk
We’ll swallow our pride and have no shame
‘Cause we’re trying to find our fortune and our fame
In the Radio Game
We’re just trying to play the Radio Game

Autor(es): Jamie Wollam / Kipp Lennon / Michael Lennon / Pat Lennon