Rage Of Mountains

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We hear their screams, great mountains
By way of a symbol of great ground
They tower over in your life
they had been watching, defending you
Making your water in heavy clouds
Giving greens to you, the law for the living
But ! Devils're blighting for heartless souls
You'll be touched with rage of mountains !!
They're gutted and processed by your hands
But, they don't cry, they keep the silence
Silence is just warning of screamy revenge
Everything is your sins

Screaming from snows, rains, winds
They had been watching you
Feel an act of treachery
Don't forget ! This roar ! Raging mountains !!

They've been broken by devil's of desire
The air has been burned out
Feel the voice of sacrifice, watch desolate
Their shapes, don't repeat the same sins

[repeat *]

They're rouse, tear up the sky
Call for the clouds of blood
Madly sway the grasses and trees
Hang grim air over you, rage of mountains !!

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