Rainboy From

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Get out of the rain, boy - Get out of the rain
The water is rising, you might wash away
Climb over the wall, boy - climb over the wall
The dam it is breaking, you might fall

Lay your tough skin on this ground that you may be found
Take this hand I offer you (wish I knew what to do)

Look out on the water, look out on the water
Look out on the water out to the sea

Lay your skin and bone to rest upon these shores
Let the sharp breeze kiss you lips
May your silent heart be heard and be stirred
Listen closely for the sound 'cos it growls for you

It won't be long, it won't be long until you're through
The wind is raw, the water's strange
You can't afford to hesitate
You go down - wish I could reach you

Look on the horizon, tomorrow has come
The flare it is rising, night is done
The ice it is melting, come death in the waves
The water is rising, we must not stay

Stand yourself upon this ground, see what you've found
Listen closely for the clue 'cos it's coming true

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