Raising The Sparks

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Sadly we grieved
As the groom lost his tongue
And began to unfold all his questions.

From a place near his heart
Where his ribs caged a spark
That was lighting enlightening burdens.

Crowds gathered round
Fathers lost, sons had found
What the bachelors of old all were missing.

And a glimpsed image spoke,
Faded fast, made of smoke
It could barely be heard, such a murmur.

Such a sight never seen
Like the thousands of dreams
That you've 'wakened to never remember.

And a residue left
Right through day into night
Lighting up enough space to be empty.

We thought we found
The source of the sound
But illusions are made of such thinking.

We lost, we found ourselves
Back on the ground,
Holding the walls of our bedrooms to
Raise the sparks.

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