Rated X

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She's a Personality, Enjoying Popularity For Making Movies Rated X
Posing For a Magazine, Picture in a Limousine, Someome Simulating Sex

Never Thought That She Could Be Lonely With Her Vanity
Wasted Days and Lonely Nights
Working For the Sugar Man, Make Eachother Happy Man
'cos Satisfaction's Guaranteed All Night

Drinking Champagne Is the Past Time, Makin' Hot Love Is the Main Line
Money Buys Love At a Wild Time, Makin' Hot Love Is the Main Line

Hot Love!

She Wakes Up and Breaks Up and Wonders Why Love Is Unkind
She Wakes Up and Makes Up and Looks in the Mirror to Find

Drink Champagne and Diamond Drinks, Fascinating _bright_gloom_ Things
Dancing At the Discotheques
Starlet From the Silver Screen, See You in a Midnight Dream Rated X

Chorus Repeats 2x

Hot Love, C'mon Give Me Hot Love, Satisfaction Guaranteed...