Rat Pack

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as I grow up a group of fiends are all I need
and 7 piles of wood so I can succeed
so no more cold stares, enough bad vibes
let's see some smiling faces, it's good to be alive
rat pack, we can be one!
rat pack, having fun!
rat pack, a scene wide crew!
rat pack, for me and you!
rat pack, so more tudes!
rat pack, we're brothers dude!
rat pack, it's been a while!
rat pack, since I've seen you smile!
this isn't society, this is me not a thought put in my head but something I believe
that we can all be one by a sacret bond
skating without heart you'll never progress
living without passion you'll only regress
so grab your board and sing with me
gleam the fuckin' cube if you want to be free!
skating in a tight line, let's drink some cokes and have a good time
kick in windows and busting heads
fuck with us and you'll be dead
it's time the good times had begun
it's time that this song had been sung

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