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One eve I really was too drunk to find the way home myself,
And every little thing around was getting on my nerves.
I was gonna spend the night like a homeless dog - outside.
I found a bush and was about to lay me down under it
When all at once I saw a raven slowly falling to sit
On the bush I chose for me. I cawed at him spitefully.

Then I remembered - once I heard the ravens live very long,
But when I wanted to ask him about it I felt my tongue
Tied as if I were dumb, I saw him flying up.
He lightly pecked my head and told me to lay down on the ground,
To be all ears, to listen to him, not to let out a sound.
He might hear all my thoughts, he led me by the nose.

He said the sky is the best place to observe the Earth,
And asked if I'd like to have a pair of wings.
I said: "I'd love to, but still I've not made my choice -
To fly in light sky or in dark'n'cloudy night".

Then I found myself in all unknown place,
And there I met a man with a very-very familiar face
I saw before he died - on the Other Side.
Well, I surely understood what was the place I got,
I felt cold horror slowly chaining my throat.
The Raven showed the Hell, he brought it on his tail.

He said the sky is the best place…

Well, I was lying under the bush when I awoke in the morning,
I tried to understand the meaning of my curious dream.
No doubt, the hero of my dream was one of those charming demons
Who can convince you of their truth.

Whether or no, I saw a show
That gave a fillip to my brown study.
I don't wanna decide which of two sides
Will be chosen as destination when I die.