Raven And Blood

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High fathers - teaching
Knowledge - increasing
Wandering through lands
Listening - mysterious folk lore
Enchantment - through books

Desire - to learn the truth
To seek the raven - and the blood

Travelling for many days
I find the place - where the elves hide
I must seek their knowledge
Elves of wisdom - knowledge of mystery
Faith growing - deeply
Raven and blood - await me

Time goes on - i have no longer guidance
Have i failed - is this folk lore
Confusion within my mind

I look up - and in the tree i see
The raven
And i see the land - covered with blood
Raven and blood - they came to me
Finally - the eternity


And the raven became my king
And the blood embraced me
And entered my veins
And provided me with the strength of
The god war

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