Razzamatazz / Jazzamatazz

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[verse 1]
Oh - Back Again Makin the Rhythm Kick Jazz
Used to Be Wick-wack, Now I Got Funky Pizzazz
Idryss'll Do My Fade-up Cause He Cuts em Like Class
And the Chicks Want Me to Lick Cause I'm Too Quick, I Think I'll Pass
Dollars, If I Don't Fold Em, I Roll em Like a Bolo
Other Steppin to Brothers Cause He Be God? Oh No
G-o-d, I Be Not He, It's True, Don't Call Me Loco
And My Man Eric the Wiz Will Stir the Mini Mix Up Like Coco
Cut Like Michael Myers, Start Up Fires, I'm a Scar Hard
Thinkin I Be Wimpy, I Just Simply Rip em Far Apart
Ansaars in New York, I Know That You Know That You Are God
This Brother's From Chicago, So I Guess I'm a Chigagod
Rhythm Is My Producer of Rhythms On the Wax
The Posse Lower Level Be Kickin Some Funky Tracks
Never Ask, I Ax, I Get Madder Than Max
Diggem Smacks, If They Try to Tax I Play em Like a Sax

Rock - Me Call It What?
Rock - Me Call It What?

[verse 2]
Styles, I Hand Em, I Brand em Like Cattlecakes
Better Get Flows From Your Bros If a Battle Takes
I Hear a Hiss, the Tale of a Taddle Shakes
Backs This Breaks Givin Aches to the Rattlesnakes
I Get Spunky With Funky Stylin
Rhythms I Flow, I Kick Them Wild And
Tryin to Get With the Styles I'm Pilin
For Your Sob Story I Better Get the Violin
Come Again - Watch a Fun One Construct
I Don't Like Sissy Chickens and I Hate a Sucker Duck
Some Label Me a Sucker Because Ducks I Like T Pluck
The Only Way I Be a Sucker Is If Women Wanna Suck
Always Goin Broke So I Don't Dig Into My Stash
I'm Cool As Brian Robbins On the Show _head of the Class_
If You Don't Get the Picture, Make the Camera Go Flash
When This Rhythm Was a Baby, Doc Spanked Him On His - Jaz


[verse 3]
Study My Culture, Soar Like a Vulture
My Teacher Marvin Howard Will Create My Sculpture
I'm Kickin Islam, Some Brothers Try to Bomb
Facts Can Harm But I Still Say Salaam
Sometimes I Blush, Bust and Leave Puss
Hush If I Must, Plus I Don't Forget to Flush
With Suckers I Fuss, Thought I Was Soft Like a Slush
Chicagods Crush Cause They Think Toys R Us
Hip (Hip What) Hop
This Funky Hip (Hip What) Hop
Is Funky Hip (Hip What) Hop
This Funky Hip (Hip What) Hop
'll Make a Drip (Drip What) Drop
I Like to Rip (Rip What) Shop
I Always Slip (Slip What) Cops
Reachin the Tip (Tip What) Top
Come in Again
Buck-buck, My Rhythm Be Knockin At the Do'
Mi Stamina Rock, Mi Stamina Rock, Bloodclot, I Do Not Know
Why They Judge Me By One Rap and Say Too Fast I Flow
Even Though I Kinda Thought I Said It Slow - Oh