Big Tymers

Real Big

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House real big, cars real big,
belly real big, everything real big,
rims real big, pocket real big,
rings real big, let me tell you how i live
like that buy that 24's ride that
ladies, gentleman, gangstas, pimps,
mommaz, daddies, stunnas, shiners
im a rich snitch, im a real big tymer
King of the hood everything wood
look like a foest in the trunk and im a pood
matching sofa set
big open get
hardwood floors and everything that connect
from the front to the back
try to top that
6 15 be hard in the deck
push that button microwave oven
i am just getting started
you aint seen nothing

is that a fish tank in the middle the dash
yea pimpin dont put your fingers on my glass
i got a two lane bowling alley up in the truck
on the other side of the bed and she wont get stuck
clap off lights when u getting profection
clap on lights when u finding profection
where why in the world of gator
can you find a truck with a plus elevator


Here i come so so rite (right on)
and the shoes so so white (shine em on)
hey ya peep the outfit
wait a minute hold up it jush a big
hold back up you working with a monster
now everybody know i got the sharpest clothes
yall still doing little league and i'm in the pros
and white boy's go wild he's my idol
black boy's say dude holding the tire
as king of the south working in and out
and dude still pimpin like tee in his mouth
i am a true from the brook shawty wa you
wont to see i aint got to get money
yea money get me
yea pimpin still blindin
keep a steve harvey lining
and man i am leather wood reclining
with the music el plinding


Move lil one i aint playin
laying in the projects in a bj plane
(role up) in a old blue chevy van
with your baby's momma coocking cause i came
now do that real your brod i can stunt a grill
now do that real your brod i can stunt a grill
i am about to clown put it down
i how to do donuts
round and round and round and round stirrrkk

this is the part when i give my number to all the girls thats that hott

dial 976 that out side dick
or dial 874 shorty show me how it go
have you ever seen a big streached truck like that
have you ever seen a big brod butt like that
but dont let it out her pants
like a bow legged cowboy stand.