Real Gold - Black Alien

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How much I love
Love you 'till I get old
The truth that can be told
I love...
The truth that can be told
You feel me, real gold?
real golg shines just for who can see through
So, my sister
So, my lover
So, my friend
Let's have a daughter
Let's have a daughter
Far from comprehend
I love you until the end of time
Like "once upon" I dedicate this rhyme
to the only one, she's a part of my spirit and soul, can never be sold
impossible be possible, I gotta be able
To keep my concentration
My train is in your station
dizzy sensation all over the body and brain
Like I had a good wine, I feel fine, no waitin'in vain
So let's go build a nation
I dedicate this song for you, who make my heart beat strong
baby girl, you're still my meditation.

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