Elliott Yamin

Real Love (com Katharine McPhee)

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Some people
Find it
Hard to see
Oh, yes they do
(They do)
But everytime
U look at me
No doubt about it
You love me we got

Real love
(Can't stop it now)
Real love
(Can't hold it down)
Real love
(If I needed to
I'd give it all up for)
Real love
(Don't ask for more)
Real love
(I'm livin' for)
Real love
(Uh, huh)
And if u feel love
Put ur hands together
Like this ya'll
(Put ur hands together)
Put ur hands together
Like this ya'll

Some people know
It when
They feel it, yeah
Some people
Don't have a clue
But what it is
We share we care
So it be yea

So it will always be
The love between me
And u this is


When I wake up
In the mornin'
And feel u next to me
I know
I'm blessed from above
Cuz it's all
So clear to see
(Baby) (7x)
That I got a real love
(Baby) (7x)

(Chorus 2x)