Dorsal Atlântica

Recycle Yourself

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My music is only music nothing more
I'm playing to learn, exchange ideas and grown
I'd like to be a synomym for credibility
I won't move ahead pissing on others like some some vips do
I won't go to useless parties

I won't play the role of a fool
I won't stop creating
Recycle yourself

I won't sell myself out for any false gains
I won't flatter any critics
I won't change money for advantages
I won't be a part of a group of any age
Is it worth selling your soul to be well off ?
Hey, what do you think about it ?

I won't live on dreaming
Foolish games are over
I just want to recycle myself

Momentary pleasures and material laws
Momentary pleasures and material laws

I won't shock for the sake of shocking
I'd only like to find the secrets of the universe
But first of all i must find myself
You know the universe lives inside every small little thing
And that's wise of it
And sure you won't be a fool to find yourself too

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