Monkey Majik

Red Dress

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The girl with the red dress,
she is standing just to confess.
Has an eye for fancy things
He buys her diamond rings.
With high heets, just walking.
She has got everyone talking
About who is next line,
To take her out, and dine.

She knows how it feels,
She makes all the world turn for her.
She knows, ooh! I know.
And he knows how it feels,
Not on his own, he is chasing at her,
He knows, ooh! Everyone knows.

"I love her, oh! I love her, I love her."

Spending everyday outside her doorway,
The ligth goes out, the window is open,
I hear her sleeping.
The groud below me never moves,
I'm sick rigth here.
Wishing she would fly out with a rope.
To pull me near

She don't know how I feel,
I would give up all my kingdom for her,
I know, ooh! I know.
And she knows how it feels,
She makes all the word turn for her,
She knows, I know.

Oh! I love her oh! I love her
Looking at your window with the curtain slightly
Open there is a mirror
And in that mirror I see a reflection
Of a cloth that is satin red.
Black car in the driveway, how does it mean?
I think I know

He loves her? Yeah he loves her,
And she loves him! And I lost her.
Oh no!