Red Light Sparkle

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You don't have to change the color of your hair
You don't have to take the dress that you wear
You don't have to be afraid just cause I'm freaking scared
You just need to be here and here stand

Go on and shine
Spread your red light sparkles in the sky

You can make parties and lie to your soul
You can make phone calls and ask me to hold on
We can make the world believe in our lies
But you can't look at me and lie to my eyes

Just spread your red light sparkles in the sky

You don't have to stay if you don't care
You don't have to hide what you wanna share
You don't need to be good if people are bad
You don't have to live a feeling that's dead

If here by my side you feel alive
If here by my side you can shine

(Our friends they're just sinners that try to play saints
They're playing with words, when words makes no sense to me