Red sox freestyle

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(What's the deal?)
I dunno
(Can we do a little bit of that?)
Yo, you know it's ?? hold on
(What's the deal?)
I like that shit, the a capella vibe
I'm on-- Let's see, hold on, hold on let me think
We just seen a baseball game tonight, right?
(Right, right. Well, I didn't watch it...)
If I kick some shit,
Will y'all believe me that it's off the dome? I promise?
'Cause I be bullshittin' on the radio, kickin'...
(Akrobatik off the dome)
Okay, buss it

Off the top of the dome, here's my first offerin'
MC's are slow on the defense like Offerman
Check the lyrics out on Ballentin
I snatch your girl and take her to third base like John Valentin
And then I'll have you looking in the mirror
I'll throw you on the disabled list like (Nomar/Mark Shapiro)
(Big up, big up!)
And keep the shit sooo strong,
You'll be like "That's the big man, like Mo Vaughn"
And when I come out manly,
I'll replace you at first base like I'm Mike Stanley
(Big up!)
You know I'm getting batter(?)
Speedy 'round the bases like my name was Donnie Sadler
My first name's Jaren so check out ??
Step up out of place and I'll catch you like Varitek
You know I hit the screen well
Take you out to left field like my man Mike Greenwell
Like my man ??
Coming off the top of the head, it's the dread
You know I'm coming off the mic to face y'all
Fuck this shit, this is the first ?? of baseball

(Players named:
Jose Offerman, infield
John Valentin, shortstop
Nomar Garciaparra?, shortstop
Mark Shapiro?, general manager, Cleveland Indians??
Mo Vaughn, first base
Mike Stanley, catcher
Donnie Sadler, second base
Jason Varitek, catcher
Mike Greenwell, outfielder)