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Disturbing is the light provided by my TV
Which tells me the news and spread the lies on live control

The more I see the more addicted I become
Being kept inside this living room
Waiting for the time to work
To give myself, to put my soul
Into something that isn't me

Whatever happens
There´s no more will to live my life
Can´t reach all my goals and dreams
Stuck in this machine

Can´t see my image
Reflected on the mirror
Maybe I just lost myself
To alienation

I feel I belong
To nowhere in this world
Why can´t I be myself
No matter how hard I try

Here in this solitude
Poisoned by the media
Life is just a syndrome
Why can´t I find the cure

No! We act as we were told
No! We´re trained since we were born
No! This world means so much more
Yes! I can think by my own

We´re civilized monkeys
We´re accepting rules with no complaints
And I am sick of this shit
Leave me alone!
I´m still doing my test!

Autor(es): Deventter