Reflecting Mirrors

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Reflecting mirrors
bound to show our true inner selves
as empty as they can ever be
The seasons have changed
into one big thunder storm
that plows through the former gloryful world
The lid has been sealed
this ensphered world will perish beyond the light

Come, spectate, the world in disorder
can you feel the wrath of a million years?
Eradicate the sins of man
just as man destroyed his own land

The winds have changed and a new hymn is sung
the spectra shimmer in no colors but one
The dawn is gone, we're trapped in the night
fearing our blinded sight
Enraged are the seas, throwing wave after wave
The sky is gorging the air we crave
The mighty disasters walking hand in hand
We feel so small, yet so grand

Watch, observe, the chaos at hand
Can a man made idea play the opponent of man?
Mattoids of ours, the last living hope
Our feeble minds cannot withstand this blow

The anthem of fierce diapason
infringing with scorn on our souls
The barrier to our sanctuary has been broken
Inferno roams til there is no more
Dashes to lashes and lust to cost
The sins are kept safe within a solid crust
Only purgatory's flame might pierce its hollow shell
We'll all find out when we dwell with the condemned

Tears of a blackened world subside the lust and desires
Shiver as the quaking earth spews dust when we
embrace the night sky
that glitters so calm like innocent virgin eyes
Then congeal like eyes
by their ever watchful eyes
A six star constellation
A deceitful presence that tints the sky
The forthcoming revelation speaks the words, we must comply

Cries of despair, imprisoned by the sins we share
Cries, so pitiful compared to the reaper's roar

Cries of despair, imprisoned by the sins we share
Judgement has befallen
Like in a scenery with light
we still crawl back into the night
Like in a scenery with night
we're still searching for the light

When all is gone and no more is to reap
the world will fall into a sleep so deep
A slumber with a depth that no man can climb
Dreaming of nighttime

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