Regression And The Return To Paradise Extinct

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The grounds of a new foundation
Raised on the ashes of the last
As all too soon it is forgotten
The rise and ruin of the past
The premise of a new conviction
Raised on the vestiges of the old
As all too soon they are deserted
The yarns and legends once foretold

The raising of a new condition
Conceived in semblance of the late
As all too soon they turn unnoted
The alterations of our fate
Legions quest for declaration
Amongst the ruins of decay
As all too soon they turned unlikely
The comprehensions of today

The symbols of deserted eons
Are living though the flags are torn
The turning of another cycle
Will instigate both rise and fall
The advent of another morning
Has ever waited to befall
But all too soon they are persisted
The fallen structures of before

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