Riot in Hyde Park

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43rd and Speedway's goin up in flames,
The kids are pissed, they're not playing games,
Lefty hippies in brand new cars,
Get in line, we're handing out scars.

You better lock your doors after dark,
The kids are about to make their mark,
Wildfires burn from a spark,
Let's go start a riot in Hyde Park,
I'm looking for a riot in Hyde Park

Don't fight back or you will lose,
We're taking over the avenues,
Runnin down Dubal we all will meet,
Tonight's the night we take to the streets.

They're lining the backstreets of Ridgetop,
Hiding in the shadows away from the cops,
Bats in their hands and clenched fists,
They're getting pissed in West Campus.

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