Reign Of Terror

Rites to the Accursed Divinity

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Unholy ground
Seven seals
Unlock the gate
Circles- of blood are drawn
Burning pitch- on virgin skin
Insane lust- overtakes
Purify- the blessed heart
Writhe and writhe upon the altar
Feel the man rushing in you
Iris, madness, soul possession
Soon the prince of darkness reigns
Incision clear- through the throat
Her blood spilled forth- to feed his force
Gargled shrieks- into the night
Gift of life- to pay the price
Behold the flames of the hecatomb
Consumed by fire are inhuman forms
Festered from damnation waiting
Let the reign begin...
Lucifer- the earth is open
Praising everlasting night
Orgies of flesh- the beast inside us
Fall under forever bleeding skies

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