Religion Addiction

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Religious man shaking hands
talking all his empty talk with a void still deep inside his hollow heart,
why can't he see that religion's just another sin that's binding him
and blinding him from seeing that he's just another sinful man,
with an addiction that he doesn't understand,
because he's convienced that religion's God's plan,
but he'll never see the true face of God in his practice,
because his heart never knew God.
Never knew (God)

God save his soul, show him a new day,
open his eyes, show him your face, show him the truth.
The truth is only found in you...
If it's not of God religion is a sin,
Without the Spirit of God religion's empty.
With out the Spirit of God religion is a sin,
Without the Spirit of God, religion's empty...

Salvation doesn't come from your church attendance,
Salvation comes from your heart's repentance,
seeking God's face in your life then
he'll give you a reason to believe in something real.
God's salvation is REAL...

You say that you tried the whole "God Thing",
but all you've ever tried was an organized gathering,
you never tried to see through the face of tradition,
so all you ever saw was a bunch on contradiction.
You were always told by these things you must abide,
but you were never really filled with God inside.
Here today...gone tomorrow.
Still left with the same old sorrows...