Rely On me

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Rely On me

i can see doubt in your eyes
believe me girl i'll tell no more lies
hold on to love and don't let it go
you should know that without your love
i'm really no one

your touch is softer than the sky
your smile is brighter than the sun

rely on me i'll never deceive you
count on me when there's no one to trust
stand by me cause i need to hold you
rely on me

i lie in bed and dream you are with me
the touch of your skin, the scent of your body
don't let me down
try the best i can
with your love to guide me i fear nothing at all

come lay with me come take my hand
forget what we have done and said


what would you do if you ever grew wings
would you fly away leave me here crying
take off one day to another place
it you leave me all alone i got nowhere to hide

do you feel lonely are you blue
i've got a thing just right for you



Autor(es): S.Hagen

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