River, Stay Away From My Door

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You keep goin' your way - i'll keep goin' my way (i'll keep goin' my way, you
Keep rollin' your way)
River, stay 'way from the door
I just got (me) a cabin - you don't need my (you'll never need that) cabin
River, stay 'way from the door

Don't (you) come up any higher - i'm so all alone
Leave the bed and the fire - that is all i own (- and you can have that phone)

I ain't breakin' your heart - don't (you) start breakin' my heart
River, stay 'way from the door

(stay 'way, get 'way, roll 'way, stay 'way)
(you dirty, old, muddy river, you)
(river, stay 'way from the door

Autor(es): Harry MacGregor Woods / Harry Woods / Mort Dixon

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