Acumen Nation


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Turn the vanity off I knew that you could
A preacher's spectacle it's so very real
Opportunity blasted furnace hollows cold
Destiny itself is on extended holiday

You know you're out
You're cashed out
Transgress a sad mess, I think not
Inside your dress and heart
Fever and fire has died

You have no friends
You have no life, to speak of
You have no teenage dreams to break your heart

Collapse the window on your stargazing eyes
Drop the curtain on the princess pledge
Clean the slip you please yourself in after dark
Cut the ribbons on the sanitation drawer

As the rain, it taps against the glass
Confides in yet another shallow grave
Giving in fatality as you practice
Drawing the shades for the last time

You could have seen this coming
And realigned your heart
Forgiveness is just a passable option now
No one will miss you when you're gone

Autor(es): Jason Novak